Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fireworks on My Little Green Thumb

Since WotLK, my herbalism has always been level 170, farming herbs while questing has never been my thing on my priest. She has always leveled mainly on healing dungeons, healing my tank friends and well, LFG. My warlock was always the toon with the most quests but very little epic gear. ( Sad queue time for DPS )

So, I was surprised myself when I started to farm herbs New Year's Eve. I think it was the beer and the bottomless peanuts that I had that day! Peanuts being brain food and all. Fireworks display over, beers spilled, and having gone through most of the conversation pieces on New Year's with the neighbors (religion and politics). Funny how those topics are a mainstay in every beerfest but I digress.

I opened my WoW and figured, what if I leveled my herbalism? Most of the people are just starting to go out for the night's celebration. ( I live half-way around the world so the time difference is substantial ) no one would be farming, I'd monopolize all the nodes! Insert Evil Laughter!

There were probably only three people farming the time I got to the new zones. I burned through the old world and BC herbs in about 3 hrs. By the time I got to about 480 skill, I was in Hyjal. And that's where time seemed to craaaawwwl... And I mean crawwwl... After another three hours, I was nowhere near 525.

I searched through every Cataclysm herbalism flight path online and they all said to farm in Hyjal. I go with the said route and nothing! I only saw 1 node of Cinderbloom! Gahh!

I could barely keep my eyes open and that's when I saw him! A Druid in flight form barely stopping to dismount, picking all of my herbs! I wanted to unleash my unholy smite on him and bash him with shadow word death! They really should change fix that flight form! Nerf! Nerf! Nerf! I couldn't really compete with those Alliance tree-huggers, so I decided to call it a night and explore the bliss that is my mattress.

The next day, I super-charged myself with my milk tea and sought out those shiny, little petals of awesomeness! Still, it took me a few hours to max out the area. I went to Uldum after that to finish all the way to 525. Since I didn't level on track, ( I skipped Uldum ) I even had to start the whole chain from Orgrimmar just to get to Bloodgulch!

I got my skill level from 170 to 525 in about 12 hrs combined. Not bad, considering I made a hefty profit from most of the old world herbs.

Unfortunately, the Cataclysm herbs I farmed weren't enough to get my warlock's alchemy to 525 too! Dang! I was hoping to hit two birds at the same time and get the Alchemy mount too. Maybe in a few days time or heaven help me... next New Year's !


  1. For herbing I use a combination of addons. Gatermate2, Gathermate2_date and Routes.

    GatherMate2 will show all of the nodes in it's database on your map/minimap.
    GatherMate2_Date is a database of all of the notes that WowHead knows about (updated by players)
    Routes allows you to draw lines between the notes to make a continuous path to visit all the nodes in the database (add route, optimize routes).

    Made of fun and win.


  2. Thanks! I Used gatherer before, ( like aeons ago) dont know if its still up and running tho haha! will try out gathermate2 ;)